Dirt & Gravel, Low Volume Road Program

     The Forest County Conservation District and Planning Department administers the Dirt & Gravel Program under authority delegated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Annually, we solicit project proposals from the Townships of Forest County.  This program substantially funds qualifying projects on Township roads.  Most Townships have a trained and qualified individual capable of making a proposal to our office for a potential project.  It is expected that the Township will provide some ‘match’ money in the form of labor or equipment usage for the project.  One criteria for Dirt & Gravel Program funding that remains of utmost importance is to keep excess sediment originating on Township roads from reaching waterways, streams, lakes or rivers.

Grant Application                                                                               DSA

Project Ranking Criteria                                                                     DSA Certification
                                                                                                           DSA Handbook   
Traffic Count Validation                                                                      DSA Purchase Notification

Sample Project Description

2019 Forest County DGLVR Projects completed with the assistance of Jefferson County Conservation District.

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