Russel M Smith Scholarship


             The Forest County Conservation District & Planning Department has placed a high priority on conservation education.  Through a variety of programs and annual activities the District continues to promote conservation, that is, “the wise use of natural resources.” 

             Conservation recognizes that human beings need raw materials found in the environment and that human beings need to use those raw materials in a wise manner to assure that waste and negligence do not occur.  For over a decade, the efforts of the FCCD&P have focused on a proper approach to the natural world found in Forest County.  That approach includes the needs of human beings as well as the needs of nature. 

             In keeping with that philosophy, the Conservation District & Planning Department in 2006 created a scholarship.  The Russell M. Smith Scholarship is aimed at students who desire to work in the conservation fields of study.  Mr. Smith was a charter member of the County Planning Commission as well as the Penn State Extension agent for 39 years.  His work in Forest County included many education efforts and conservation related activities.  His civic activity should be an inspiration to every citizen as well as an example to follow.  The members of the Board of the Forest County Conservation District & Planning Department believe that honoring the memory of Mr. Smith by way of a Scholarship is most appropriate.

       On April 22, 2021, The Forest County Conservation District & Planning Department awarded two $2,000.00 scholarships.  They were awarded to:  Bryce Lee Byers, and Daniel C Parrett.  The Scholarships were not awarded in person this year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.   The Scholarship is awarded to students from Forest County committed to furthering their education in a conservation field. 

         The goal of conserving natural resources was Russell M Smith's passion and so the Board decided that any Forest County student intending to pursue fields of study including Forestry & Wildlife management, Forestry Science, Environmental Planning and Management, Surveying, Agronomy/Agriculture, Forest & Earth Sciences, Wood Industry Services, or Teaching in a related field deserved aid by way of the scholarship. 

           Daniel C Parrett, son of Randall & Jane Parrett, will receive $1,500 toward tuition at Clarion University, where he is studying Environmental Biology. This is the third Russell M Smith Scholarship that Daniel has received.

           Bryce Lee Byers, son of Erick & Rhonda Byers, will receive $1,500 toward tuition at Penn State-Behrend, where he is studying Civil and Environmental Engineering.  This is the second Russell M Smith Scholarship that Bryce has received.

               The Forest County Conservation District & Planning Board congratulates Daniel C Parrett and Bryce Lee Byers and wishes them the best success in their schooling and future careers.




Russell M Smith Scholarship Application